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9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from "Federal" Reserve - Fed Inspector Clueless

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9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from "Federal" Reserve - Fed Inspector Clueless

30.000 dollars are missing from your personal bank account - that is, the one the money in your pocket (check 'em; "Federal Reserve Notes") is based upon. The "cop" you thought was watching your $30,000 dollars says... she doesn't know where it is. And frankly, she isn't even looking!

Fantasy? If only it were.

This is your life now.

For all Americans put together, that adds up to 9 TRILLION missing dollars. That's YOUR $30.000 added up with everyone else. Where did it go?

The so-called "Federal Reserve" is neither federal, nor is it a reserve. It is rather an ultra-secret private company which has illegally been put in charge of your money. What are they doing with your money? After many years, someone in government finally decided to take a look... and that is what was found! Quickly the faux Fed clammed up again - and no wonder.


The American Dream Film - Full Length

A New World Order Defined - Full Movie - By Alex Jone

Fascism at the "Fed" - UNSCRUBBED!

Before Barack Obama - Wall Street's First Attempt At a White House Coup

Run time 5 minutes 24 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: outofmycoma - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 27, 2013
Subject: Congressman making things worse...

THe text of the actual Bill has now been posted.

These guys seem to be far more interested in being crooks and thieves
than they do in really wanting to serve the people.

The text is here along with a list of the Sponsors and Co-Sponsors (Your Congressman ??)

both for the Senate Bill, and also for the House Bill

PDF text of the actual Bill - S.743 - Posted at Archive ;

Thanks Harry Reid, and Mike Enzi (Wyoming) (Talk about Violating Oath of Office !)...another Fake !

Do these guys really think they will retire, and be allowed to take the fruit of their spoils, the financial rewards of all their years of inside deals, bribes, special bills, and secret retirement funds...they should have nothing more than what they have left the people with.

Still, the pen (eMAIL AND FAX) is mightier than the sword...


Reviewer: stopthecrooks - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 25, 2013
Subject: 9 Trillion and counting...
The Federal reserve act of 1913; history and digest -1914 .
Index-digest of the Federal reserve act and amendments the act of December 23, 1913- 1915.

Practical banking, with a survey of the Federal reserve act - 1915.
Index-digest of the Federal reserve act and amendments - Board of Governors of Fed Res System (1918).

The National-bank act as amended, the Federal Reserve act and other laws relating to national banks - 1920.
Federal reserve act as amended to December 24, 1919 - 1920.

Discount rates of the federal reserve banks, 1914-1921.
Commercial banking practice under the Federal reserve act - 1921.

General Accounting Office [GAO] report on the Federal Reserve System - hearing before the Committee on Banking - 1993.

Truth about the Federal Reserve by Antony. Sutton .

Origins of the Federal Reserve – JEKYLL Island .
Congressman McFadden on the private Federal Reserve Corporation. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE BRANDEIS, Author of Other people's money - and HOW the bankers use it -1914. ;

Perpetual War in the name of Perpetual Peace by philosopher I. Kant (1724-1804) . or read about the implementation of the plan by Columbia University graduate H. Barnes in his inconvenient, but documented work Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace (1953) . Also see the chapter on
THE LAW by BASTIAT in Essays on Political Economy .

Of interest , Imperial Hearst, a social biography -(1936). THE PRESIDENT MAKERS THE CULTURE OF POLITICS AND LEADERSHIP in Post Civil War 1896-1919 (1940). For other relevant information, The national debt, taxation, currency, and banking system of the United States : with some remarks on the report of the Secretary of the Treasury (1864) by Gallatin . If you dont want to know the truth, do not watch VIDEO - WHO RULES AMERICA – Part 1 by Domhoff . WHO RULES AMERICA – Part 2. Do the research. Take the time to find the facts. These are the first steps to freedom. Free your mind through knowledge. Learn so that you can put it to good use. Seek truth.

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